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digital product development process

We have a lot of experience in building well tested and robust web applications that will delight your customers.

  • 01 domain discovery

    If we are working in a new business domain, we make sure to work with you to understand it fully. We utilise techniques from JTBD to better understand you and your customers needs.

    • Perform workshops to extract knowledge from your experts
    • Utilise customer needs identification techniques
    • Map business processes fully
    • Map out the customer needs fully
    • Frame the problem space visually and verbally
  • 02 solution ideation

    Based on our understanding of the problem from stage 01, we look to come up with solutions that we can test quickly and effectively.

    • Work with you on identifying a suitable solution
    • Identify solutions for critical workflows
    • Weight up the effort/value ratio for each solution
    • Break solutions into testable steps for feedback
    • Present and agree on a preferred solution
  • 03 walking skeleton

    A walking skeleton is the 'prototype' phase where we try and uncover any unknowns in the solution as early as possible.

    • The minimum required effort to prove a solution's viability
    • Discover any limitations or technical obstacles to a solution.
    • Disregard any design aesthetic at this early stage.
    • Develop and deploy to a testing area for feedback
  • 04 mvp

    At this stage we look to turn a prototype into a product that can be tested further with customers or internally

    • We extend on the walking skeleton and fix an stopgap shortcuts that were made
    • Add testing and documentation
    • Apply UX and UI design to the solution to improve the usability
    • Work with your team to apply brand identity and tone as required
    • Add any additional functionality as required
  • 05 delivery

    We deploy the product into a testing environment for further feedback and testing before launching

    • Deploy to a testing environment for further testing and quality checks
    • Iterate on any UI and UX tweaks as required
    • Perform full end-to-end testing to verify functionality
    • Setup product monitoring and key metrics gathering
    • Work with your team on launch planning
    • Launch your application
  • 06 monitor & iterate

    The product is live and gathering data. We work with you to monitor usage and make iterative changes as required.

    • Monitor and scale infrastructure as required
    • Gather and present key product metrics to inform usage patterns
    • Perform A/B tests and new experiements as required
    • Iterate on UI and UX based on real user feedback

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