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We know what it is like to launch a startup, we've done it before. We help startups to maximise the return on their minimal funds to grow their business.

  • 01 value proposition

    We apply lean methodology and thinking to help you validate and test your startup idea.

    • Identify problem space
    • Identify solution match to that space
    • Identify unique value proposition
    • Identify competitors, stengths, and weaknesses
    • Identify market size and opportunity
    • Identify customer segments, ideal customer profile
    • Identify commercial options, revenue model and marketing strategies
  • 02 customer research

    Typically at this stage, more customer research is required to validate any assumptions or questions raised in step 01.

    • Training on how to perform customer research.
    • Analysis of customer responses
    • Development of customer needs maps and effect on business plan
  • 03 lean business plan

    We help you iterate on your lean business plan to finalise it for next steps

    • Build out lean canvas board and supporting documents
    • Perform workshops to ideate on potential solutions
    • Consult on business plan content and technical explanation

At this point in the process, you are either ready to proceed to building out your first product, or else have to look to source funding first.

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